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My son’s father kicked me out, broke up with me.

My son’s father wants him every other weekend. 

I do not think my 6 month son should go a whole weekend without me. I don’t think he is old enough. He needs me still.

What do you guys feel about this? 

Anonymous said: Your family is so adorable! But im curious, do you know why alexis rose deleted her tumblr?

She just doesn’t wanna do it anymore. 

Anonymous said: why hasn't alexis been on her tumblr?

She deleted it. 

Anonymous said: how is everything going with logan? you havent updated in a while

We broke up. He kicked me out. I’m back at my mother’s house. 



Daddy and baby <3

Daddy and baby <3

Halloween &lt;3

Halloween <3


I pretty much quit tumblr.



i cry when ugly people hold me

i cry when ugly people hold me

my monkey butt &lt;3

my monkey butt <3

Anonymous said: are you still in high school?

no. I graduated last year.

Anonymous said: Im sorry, but give it a week. Someone doesn't say that they have no feelings for you then suddenly it's perfect. You're setting yourself up for heartbreak

I know. I completely agree with you.  
Honestly, the reason we are good now.. is because I used to sleep all day, never do anything, not clean or cook or anything. I started getting in the routine of doing that and now we are okay.
It’s hard to love someone when they don’t do a damn thing. So I understand where he was coming from.  

Logan and I are absolutely perfect now. <3 

Have a good weekend, everyone.